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Paediatric Physiotherapy

We see children of all ages with a range of conditions. The main issue we see with children are musculo-skeletal injuries. The cause of such injuries can range from a sudden impact in a sporting activity or be accumulative from repetitive use and over training. This can happen to any child who does extensive amounts of practice in any activity or hobby such a computer gaming, sports or musical instruments.

Another condition we see regularly is acute wry neck. This happens often in adults and children where they have slept in an awkward position and wake up in excruciating pain with the head tilted to one side. They are often unable to move their neck at all without sharp pain and sometimes have to hold their neck to even get off the bed. Fortunately, this condition responds well to early intervention.

The key to all conditions is early intervention. Like adults, children who have Orthopaedic surgery, often need rehabilitation.

Physical & Developmental Disabilities

We also see children with sensory processing issues, developmental disorders and conditions such as cerebral palsy. A common issue we see with infants is acute torticollis where one side of the neck is contracted resulting in the infant favouring one side or avoiding looking to the other side due to pain. You often see an infant come in with the head tilted and rotated to one side. The key to managing this condition is early intervention. This will minimise the chance of long term contractures.

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How We Can Help

Paediatric physiotherapists and general private practice physiotherapists deal with a wide range of children’s conditions. Treatment often involves gentle hands on physiotherapy mobilisation and soft tissue massage techniques. This can be coupled with anti-inflammatory and analgesic measures such as ultrasound, laser and other forms of patient friendly and pain free electrotherapy. 

We see many children with sporting injuries, especially on the weekend. It is ideal to get your child in as soon as possible to get an immediate diagnosis and injury management program. Our unique 7 day service, all year around, provides a great opportunity for early intervention resulting in the best outcome. Get in touch with Brisbane 7 Day Physiotherapy today and get better, faster.

Our paediatric physiotherapists, based in Ferny Grove, will help get your child on the road to recovery.