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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

If you have had recent (or not-so-recent) orthopaedic surgery, come and see the physiotherapy team at Brisbane 7 Day Physio. We have experience in treatment and rehabilitation of fractures, joint replacements, shoulder and knee reconstructive surgeries and spinal and neck surgery. 

Having experience in orthopaedic wards of the hospital and extensive experience in the rehabilitation post-operatively, your physiotherapist will help you get back on track. This will include specific rehabilitation and exercises as well as hands on techniques (when appropriate for the condition). Emphasis is always on ensuring you have the right exercises and advice to achieve your best!

How Does Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy Work?

Overall the focus of your physiotherapist after orthopaedic surgery is to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program to facilitate the recovery process. Post-operative guidelines will be put in place to reduce inflammation and pain, improve range of motion, strength, balance and general function.

Early intervention is an important part of post-operative rehabilitation. Patients typically see a physiotherapist in hospital immediately post surgery. This is usually a physio associated with the specialist. Then, you are referred to your local physio a week or two post surgery where the rehabilitation continues as per the surgeon’s guidelines. The physio will stay in contact with the surgeon throughout the rehabilitation program.

The goal of post operative rehabilitation is to help patients optimise their recovery and regain as much of their physical abilities as possible.

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Whether you are rehabilitating from recent surgery, have developed swelling and pain post surgery. Or want to improve your range of motion and strength, why not get in touch with Brisbane 7 Day Physiotherapy today and get better, faster.

Our physiotherapists, based in Ferny Grove, will help get you on the road to recovery.